Project Graduate FAQs

  • Q: What are the criteria for Project Graduate?


    A: You must meet the following criteria to qualify:

    1. You must be an adult student (25+ years)
    2. You must have been out of school for at least 2 years
    3. You must have at least 80 transferable credit hours
    4. You must be admissible to an undergraduate degree program (not Continuing Studies, Postbaccalaureate, visiting graduate level, etc.).
    • Q: I have 80 credit hours but some of them are from a community college, does that count?

    A: Yes, but most programs limit these community college credits to 60 hours.

    • Q: I want to finish up my degree from University of Kentucky at UofL, can I do that?

    A: Yes, we are working closely with UK to help any students who went to UK and are in the Louisville area.

    • Q: Do I have to complete the same degree I started?

    A: No, UofL offers many degree programs and majors. Organizational Leadership and Learning in the College of Education and Human Development is very popular with Project Graduate students.

    • Q: I haven’t been in school for 30 years can I still come back?

    A: Yes, Project Graduate students can return at any age. A university recently graduated a 70 year old man through Project Graduate.

    • Q: Are online classes available?
    • A: Yes, UofL offers a wide variety of online classes. Visit for more information.
    • Q: Can I test out of classes?

    A: Yes, UofL allows credit by exam policies for CLEP, English, Foreign Language, and CIS 100. Visit for more information.

    • Q: Is a Project Graduate degree any less than a normal degree?

    A: Project Graduate is not a degree,but a program that assists students interested in pursuing any UofL undergraduate program.

    • Q: How do I apply?

    A: First, complete the Learner Profile. Apply online in order to not be charged a processing fee.

    • Q: Can I still apply for financial aid?

    A: Yes, many Project Graduate students still receive financial aid and some scholarships. Visit for more information on scholarships for transfer students.

    • Q: Does U of L offer any options for childcare?

    A: Yes, please go to the Early Learning Campus website at to find out more information.