The Fall 2018 application will be available in late summer 2017. We encourage all interested students to review the individual scholarship criteria and application prompts as well as the resume scoring rubric.

The University of Louisville provides scholarships to new freshmen based upon academic merit. All scholarships are competitive with the exception of National Merit Scholars, Roger's Scholars, Governor’s Scholars, and Governor’s School for the Arts.  The minimum requirements to apply for competitive scholarships are a 3.5 GPA and a 26 ACT or 1240 SAT*. A student-involvement resume is required for the application.

To apply for scholarships:

  1. Apply for admission. If you have not yet applied for admission, read application instructions.
  2. You will use the same username and password you create to apply for admission to apply for scholarships.  If you do not apply for admission online, please create an account to apply for scholarships. Create your account now. If you have successfully created an account, you will receive a confirmation e-mail from Applyweb.  Please save this e-mail.
  3. Apply for scholarships. Please note your username and password.  You will need them to access your admission and scholarship applications.  If you forget your password, click here.
  4. If the program for which you are applying requires letters of recommendation, you will enter the information for the individuals from whom you are requesting recommendations. They will receive e-mail notification of your request. Please notify all recommenders in advance.
  5. The student-involvement resume can include, but is not limited to: extracurricular activities, leadership positions, honors/awards, athletic teams, community service, and work experience. Resumes should not exceed 2 pages. Please put your name on each page of your resume. Click here to view the scholarship scoring rubric.
  6. You may always review your applications (including the status of all letters of recommendation).  Click here to review activity.
  7. You can submit the scholarship application up to three times. All submissions must be by the December 15 deadline.

*This score reflects the new SAT to ACT Concordance Table. For any questions regarding SAT exams taken prior to March 2016, please contact the Office of Admission at 502-852-6531 or