Scholarship FAQS


  • Can I apply for more than one scholarship?
    Yes, you can apply for more than one scholarship. However, you cannot be awarded more than one scholarship from our office. For example, if you are eligible for the Trustee’s Scholarship, Vogt Scholarship and Eagle Scout Award, you will be considered for all of them, but ultimately, you will be awarded only one.
  • Why is Harlan Scholars my only choice on the application?
  • The scholarship/guaranteed entrance program application allows you to apply to programs for which you meet eligibility requirements. Some students may only be eligible for a limited number of programs. For example, many of the scholarships and guaranteed entrance programs require applicants to be Kentucky residents. Therefore, out-of-state students often times have more limited choices. For more information on out-of-state scholarship opportunities, please visit

  • How do I know if the Office of Admissions has my most recent test score on file?
    The easiest way to see if we have received this is to call 502.852.6531 or e-mail Please include your full name and date of birth in any correspondence.
  • My friend received a higher a scholarship than me but we have the same GPA and test score?
  • Numerous factors are considered in the scholarship awarding process.  Though test scores and GPA play a large role, our committee analyzes all of the aspects of your application including community service, activities and leadership roles.

  • My older brother/sister received a scholarship a few years, and it was larger than mine. We have the same GPA and test score. How did that happen?
  • Our scholarship applicant pool varies from year to year, and other parts of the application (resume, essays, etc.) play a large role in the awarding process. Just because award levels were a certain way one year does not ensure that they will be the same the next year, and besides our select guaranteed awards, all of the scholarships are competitive.

  • Can I take the ACT after January 15 to increase my scholarship possibilities?
  • UofL will NOT consider any test scores from test dates after December 15.

  • If I am selected for a guaranteed entrance program, do I automatically receive a scholarship?
  • Students selected for guaranteed entrance programs are not automatically awarded scholarships and require an interview if selected. Many students selected do receive scholarships as well, but requirements and minimums vary between scholarships/programs, so scholarships are not guaranteed for these students.

  • I’m a Governor’s Scholar, why can’t I apply for scholarships?
  • Governor’s Scholars (GSP and GSA) are guaranteed scholarships as long as they meet the minimums (25 ACT and 3.35 GPA for $3,500 per year, and 28 ACT and 3.35 for full tuition). Because of this, you will not be eligible to apply for Trustee’s scholarships.  If you have a 30 ACT and 3.75 GPA, you will be eligible to apply for our Vogt scholarships, which cover full tuition and a educational allowance for room and board. GSP and GSA students must complete a scholarship application to receive consideration for the Vogt scholarship.