International Cost of Attendance

The following is an estimate of expenses for an academic year for an international student:



Tuition and Fees (Two Semesters)


International Student Fees
($50 each fall/spring and $25 summer)


Health Service Fee and Insurance (Two semesters)1


Living Expenses (Nine months) 2


Intensive English Training (3 Sessions) 3

See Note 3



(NOTE: University fees are subject to the approval of the Board of Trustees and may be changed without prior notice.)

1 Health Services and Insurance are required for International Students.
2 This amount represents a modest budget and actual costs will depend upon your own living style and needs. An additional $2,500.00 financial certificate is required for husband or wife or first dependent and $1,000.00 for each dependent thereafter for students who wish to be accompanied by spouse and dependents in the U.S.
3 Applicable only if student needs additional study in English, IESL tuition cost is $4,062 per session and $200 for books and supplies must be paid each semester.